Creative photography

Photography isn’t just composition and focus, neither is it the equipment used to create it. It’s the narrative that allows an image to connect to the viewer!

The concept and the story is brought to life by the details!

Corporate photography by Birmingham photographer Barry Robinson

Used by the “Hey human” agency in Sony’s “Poetry in moments” campaign to promote the Xperia Z5 Premium.

Regardless of whether it’s your family or a social demographic, an image needs a narrative to truly engage with its audience.

The rules for interpreting a brief, however, remain the same regardless of scope. They apply equally to personal projects like portraits, and corporate ones like fashion and PR, they just have different budgets.

Whatever your budget, however, there’ll always be constraints, and making it work has always been about getting creative. That’s the real service we provide!

Authenticity and creativity, because anyone can take a photograph, but not just anyone can create an image that tells a story!

When you book New Street Photography you don’t just get a guy with a camera, and a specified number of wardrobe changes. You get is our time, experience, and expertise in defining and creating a narrative.

It’s your vision that defines the story every image tells, done within your budget, to your timescales, the way you want!

Our basic one-hour portrait package comes with an hour’s free consultation along with an hour with a professional photographer.

The consultation can take whatever form’s most convenient. Skype, telephone, or an in-person meeting to identify the narrative that informs the visual components and ideas of your shoot.


Event photography

Our photography has been used in social media marketing campaigns from Sony to Masato.

From actors and musicians, conceptual photography to headshots, portraits, and fashion portfolios.

With a growing list of satisfied clients, New Street Photography is rapidly becoming the go-to solution for people who want quality and authenticity at a reasonable price.

What’s your story? Maybe your an urban clothing brand? Perhaps you grow the best organic strawberries on the market?

If you have an audience, a product, a message, we find a way to tell it. We can even find and bring together the people who love you. Let them tell your story, and in doing so show people why you’re so good, and what they love about you.

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Community event photography


All our pricing is based is charged at a flat rate of £150/hour. A location shoot is charged the same hourly rate as a studio session. All you pay for is time, and any additional extras not included in a package.

All pricing is up front, and we stick to our quotes. Furthermore, if you don’t like the results you don’t have to buy them!

It’s that simple!

Customer Testimonials:

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