The photographer

I’m an event, portrait, and fashion photographer living and working in Birmingham and the UK, and my name is Barry Robinson…

Tomato eyes by Birmingham photographer Barry RobinsonI learned photography by shooting [Sic] strangers on the streets back before everyone had an iPhone, and the notion of street photography was reserved for the weird and brave.

Now reportage, as it’s come to be known, has moved from film, darkrooms, and obscurity, into the mainstream where it’s embraced the idea of creating images that preserve the integrity of an unknowing subject.

A reportage portrait or fashion shoot differs only in that it seeks to capture something candid and true about the subject. The iconic images from “Time” magazine are great examples of reportage in it’s truest, undiluted form, but as always art and life evolve.

Probably sounds a little odd, but traditionally reportage has been about prioritising the character of the subject over technicalities such as exposure and lighting, to create an image that retains the identity of a moment.

What we do differs in that while we often executed a concept in a controlled fashion, we are still looking to capture the true identity of the subject, and ultimately your brand.

Together with my assistant and wife, Alice, we’ve developed a mobile studio. We can shoot on location, the studio, at your place of work, all to deliver an authentic vision of your brand, your true identity, at the highest possible quality without losing authenticity.

We all have a brand, the question is whether your brand is truly authentic? Our identity always shine through, and research has shown that authenticity resonates more strongly than a manufactured concepts with clients, donors, or fans! Whether you’re an actor, musician, or the CEO of a startup or large corporation, the simple fact is that who you are will always be your greatest asset! Your products in the hands of the people who live with them and use them every day will always be the best and most lasting testament to their true value, and that’s also what we mean by authenticity.

The people who love what you do ARE your brand! Whether you’re a musician, a charity, or a manufacturer, it’s still all about connecting with the people who make up your market, and we can help you do that…

If you have a project you’re working on, a commercial shoot, a fashion spread, a YouTube video or social media content please feel free to contact me. Maybe you just want to add new work to your portfolio?

Call me to discuss your requirements.

Tel: 0121 451 1683
Mob: 0777 079 1061