Tomato eyes by Birmingham photographer Barry RobinsonIf you’re looking for what makes us different, in a word, it’s the creative process!

An image can convey its subject, or it can convey something about its subject! That’s part of the way that we talk without words, through contextual meaning and understanding, and it’s what can make photography so powerful.

It stems from a creative process that separates us from the rest of pack, and it’s what we set out to create for each and every client! Images that say something about you and tells your story!

As such we don’t have set packages in the traditional sense. We charge for our time, a process that begins with consultancy. Finding out about you, your brand, your organisation and the people who will for the story that makes the images come alive.

Regardless of whether it’s a portrait, a commercial shoot, or an event we always look as for background from our clients. Event photography never happens in a vacuum because there'[s always a reason for doing it. With a wedding it’s obvious, but with other events, the motivations often dictate the desired results. This is why we still provide a consultancy period so that we can find the most poignant moments, select the most appropriate locations, look for the best way to tell the story of that day.

With portraits and editorial commercial shoots, we look that who you are, what inspires you, your brand! This informs the subject of the images, and forms part of the creative process fuses the best ideas from reportage and editorial concept photography.

Whether you’re a person or a company, or a brand, you have a story. That story can be a message or a memory. It can be the sum of a lifetime together or the aspirations of a group of people. It can be your message!

It’s why we say that authenticity is built into our brand. Because to us, images speak louder than words!

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