You Make The Portrait

Sam Rogers by Birmingham photographer Barry Robinson

General Pricing

We charge £160 per hour for commercial, headshot, portrait, and event photography.

If we can, we try to provide everything in-house. We can usually shoot a portrait or headshots on site. Alice, our stylist, can design your shoot and liaise with you to get a general idea of what you want. Consultancy of up to an hour for this kind of job is provided for free.

If we have to assemble a team, such as hair stylists, shoot coordinator, assistants, etc, we charge £80 per hour for that service. We build the cost of each team member’s time into your quote.

Teams size will depend on the nature of the job and your budget. A team can be a be anything from one extra person, to ten, or even twenty. We will advise you of those costs in your quote upfront. If any unexpected costs do occur, these will be billed in the film invoice, but you will be made aware of them before they are charged.

If you just need a photographer to be part of your creative team, we can provide that, and charge you £160 per hour for photographic services.


By discussing requirements with your in-house team we can form an understanding of the message you want to convey. Along with your planned budget, we can take that information to create a brief, including all the key components needed to bring your narrative to life.

If you’re undertaking a corporate or editorial shoot, that requires extensive consultancy, we charge £80 per hour. This doesn’t including travel and accommodation costs.

Event Photography

We can provide event photography for events anywhere in the UK at a set package price detailed below. The cost of travel and accommodation isn’t included in the package price.

A quarter day [at 2 hours] with 25 processed images is charged at £350.

A half day [at 4 hours] with 45 processed images is charged at £550.

A full day [at 8 hours] with 85 processed images is charged at 950.

Printing Prices:

Printing is outsourced to DS Colour Labs, but we are happy to work with whoever you prefer.

Contact Details:

You can reach me on the following numbers, or you can fill our contact form, or contact me at:

Tel:        07745167330


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