SWPP Highly Commended for reportage and event photography

I love getting recognised for my work, especially winning a highly commended, or gold from the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. It gives me a fantastic feeling, but it’s never as great as the feeling I get shooting the event itself. That’s something a real thrill!

There’s something about capturing that perfect moment, the point where all the participants of a photograph come together to create a story. The people talking, the atmosphere,  the general mood, because after all we don’t have photographers so that we can recall perfectly the events of the day. What we as photographers do is capture the essence of the event, the mood, the humour, vitality, the little moments that sometimes go unseen.

As great as it is to shoot conceptual fashion, or fantasy portraits, shooting an event keeps you fresh as a photographer because it calls on  all the skills you grew at the beginning of your artistic life, or at least with me it does. I came to the studio only after a long time as reportage photographer, something that taught me to look first, and then take the shot. In the studio sometimes it’s a question of just making a connection, rather than trying to force a look, or perfect a pose!

Some would say that event photography is by nature purely observational, but I would strongly disagree. The room for creativity isn’t always in manipulating the light, or the people. it’s in choosing how to best capture the moment. At it’s best it’s a mirror not onto the events as they unfurled, not the feeling, the mood of that event!

Seating Provided highly commended by SWPP by Birmingham photographer Barry Robinson

“Seating Provided” Event photography that’s won a Highly commended from the SWPP for January 2016 in the “Event Photography” category…

So if you have an event that you’d like to keep, as a book, or just a few carefully chosen memories, give me a call on 0777 079 1061 to discuss what you need, and we can get the ball rolling…


Home Buyers by Birmingham photographer Barry Robinson

Homeless man sitting on the ledge of a building society next to an add for a mortgage which was part of the photographic project on homelessness. It won a highly gold award for November 2014 from the SWPP in the “Documentary photography” category…

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