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You Make The Portrait

Sam Rogers by Birmingham photographer Barry RobinsonWhether you’re an actor, musician or a CEO creating the right images is paramount to success. Managing how the world sees you starts with the visual, and that’s where our services come in.

Creating a portrait that retains who you are, and projects how you want the world to see you requires both a creative photographer and focused input into the process.

If you have a clear idea of how that should look, then we have the technical understanding  tell you if it’s possible and cost of making it happen.

If you, on the other hand, you don’t know where to start that’s also OK. We can give you full consultancy that draws on what you already have established, or even create a completely new identity. The control is entirely in your hands, but we are always there to help you through the process.

After the shoot, you simply select your favourite images from a password protected page on our website in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office, and we handle the rest.

Item Time Rate Total cost
Studio/ location setup costs N/A £30 £30
Creative Consultation 1 Hours £50 per hour FREE
Photography 1 Hour £130 per hour £130
Retouching 5 Images £15 per image FREE
Coaching Up to 1 Hour £50 per hour FREE
Total £160

Event Photography

Event photography includes any event, corporate or personal, and although we are based in Birmingham, we can cover an event anywhere in the UK. It is charged on a slightly different scale to studio photography due to unpredictable shooting conditions, and the nature of events. Please bear in mind that the majority of the work from a two-hour shoot actually happens in processing and culling images to give you the best possible captures from your event. We work hard to both plan and deliver images that capture both the atmosphere and the people who attended.

A quarter day [at 2 hours] with 25 fully processed images is charged at £350.

A half day [at 4 hours] with 45 fully processed images is charged at £550.

A full day [at 8 hours] with 85 fully processed images is charged at 950.


Printing Prices:

Printing through DS Colour Labs

Permajet/Fuji Fine Art Print [Size in inches or standard A papers sizes]
Size Price
A1 £30
A2 £20
A3 £10
A4 – A5 £7
40 x 40 £70
40 x 30 £55
20 x 30 £25
Single Panel Canvas Prints [Size in inches or standard A papers sizes]
A2 £55
8 x 8 £20
12 x 12 £35
20 x 20 £50
30 x 30 £75
40 x 30 £120
40 x 40 £150

* For more information on standard paper sizes please see the following Wikipedia entry.

Delivery rates:

Next Day Courier from £9.99

Next Day Courier Service is available Monday – Friday and is tracked. This also gives you a one-hour time slot via email to plan your delivery and sign for your delivery.

Next Day by Noon Courier from £14.99

Next Day by Noon Courier Service is available Monday – Friday. This service is tracked.

Please note that prices and delivery costs may vary. We outsource all our printing to established fine art photographic printers [DS Colour Labs], and there are multiple framing and printing options available.

The above sample is simply to give you an idea of printing and shipping costs. We do not charge any handling fee for printing.

You are of course at liberty to select whoever you wish to work with for your printing requirements, and we will happily coordinate with them.


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